Over the years, we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects. There are representatives of a diverse business among our clients: oil industry, technical and business training, HR consulting, legal services, recruitment and manpower. We have been cooperating for many years with the most of them.


We organize and hold an important event of your company, regardless of the location and scale of the project. Thanks to our highly qualified staff of employees who have been trained in Project Management (PME), we can guarantee the success of your event!


We intelligently think through the meaning that will be laid in every component of your image products and create an original, expressive and memorable look of the company, giving strategic value and significance to your brand.


Despite of the size and scope of your application, we always do everything in a clear and original way. However, we can offer you something more if you are ready for it. There are three answers to the design result- YES, NO and WOW! “Wow!” is that we aspire to.


With a help of professional equipment and creative approach of our specialists, we provide photo and video support and help you to save important events of your company for creating a history.

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